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Plant-Based Protein,
Made Simpler

With 21g Protein Per Pack, Supercharge Your Diet By Adding Them To Your Favourite Stir-Fries, Salads or Wraps

Eating for a Better You

We started Sow Foods with a simple question: how do we provide protein-rich foods that are genuinely good for you?

We first-hand experienced the difficulties of turning into plant-based. From being tired of eating tofu every meal to feeling bloated consuming processed, plant-based meats at supermarkets. To address this need, we developed a plant-based protein in its most natural form — free from artificial additives, processed ingredients and refined sugars.

Our hope is that, no matter if you are full-time plant muncher or someone looking to cut down meat, you can enjoy your meals while nurturing the planet for future generations.

Made From Plants

Our search for a wholesome, protein source was found in a legume called the soya bean. Soya beans have been in East Asian culture for centuries, but they've never been this simple.

Human Health

Forget worrying about processed foods. Our products are additive-free & refined sugar-free. Oh, did we mention that our ingredients are so simple that even a child can read?

Planet Health

Our products require less land, water, and carbon emissions than conventional meat. To preserve our health and our planet, we are rethinking the food we consume and how we make it.