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Gift Sharing Bundle: Pieces (4 Packs)


This collection of our plant-based protein pieces is a perfect way to gift yourself or your loved ones without compromising your health or our planet.

A box contains 4 different flavours: Ginger Teriyaki, Smoky Paprika, Tikka Masala & Oriental Spices.

Ginger Teryaki ingredients: Soy, date nectar, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, ginger & vinegar.

Oriental Spices ingredients: Soy, date nectar, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, spices & sea salt.

Smoky Paprika ingredients:  Soy, date nectar, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, smoky paprika & sea salt.

Tikka Masala ingredients: Soy, spices, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, sea salt & vinegar. 

Toss them into your meals during cooking.

You can also microwave for 10-20 seconds and add them as toppings to your favourite dishes.

If you are looking for inspiration, please check out our recipes section.

Please store in the fridge.

Alternatively, you can transfer your Sow Protein Bites into freezer bags and store them in the freezer. They can last over 1 month in the freezer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ruel Fox
Picture of pieces

Great flavours

Parag Rastogi

This may be the best tasting vegan protein I’ve had in a while. Can’t recommend it enough.

Techno Dan
I need more stars to give.

These pieces made by sow foods are so tasty that as soon as they're delivered one or two packs don't make it to the fridge. The smoked paprika is my favourite and the tikka masala but all are so tasty.

Lisa Jay
Incredible meat alternative- must try!

I discovered this brand at a recent vegan festival and I have to say it’s one of the very best meat alternatives I’ve tried (and I’ve tried most) The texture is incredible, even my meat eating friend was impressed! The best thing though is the wonderful variety of flavours- with ginger being my personal favourite. There are many options to cooking with it, salads, stir fry’s, curries, even as part of a roast dinner. All the flavour of meat but good for the animals, the planet and your health. A winning combination, you will not be disappointed.

JE Wake

Very tasty selection.

Absolutely delicious

These are by far the best meaty-textured substitute I've tried - I love that they are versatile, contain all natural ingredients, and gluten-free. Unlike anything you can buy from the supermarket, and environmentally friendly packaging too.

Anna Wichlacz

Excellent Customer Service. I’ve received a hand-written note w/ both deliveries and the product is a handy source of protein on the go that tastes good and is filling.